FttH Calculator

For several years now, we deliver project management and consulting services in Fiber to the Home projects. From the many data in various projects we derived common denominators in order to build this tool. With this tool you can determine whether the variables in your project allow the successful financial deployment of your Fiber to the Home project. The calculation will give you a good impression of the financial possibilities and bottlenecks while you can play around with the many variables and change any of them as you want in order to see where improvement might be needed and what results you can expect.
Please know this tool is intended for use in Euro. Other currency might produce erronic results.

If you have suggestions for improvement or if you want to know more about the possibilities of Fiber to the Home, please let us know.


  Find out for yourself:

Consumerprice (p/m incl. 19% VAT)
Cost for 3-play
Network Management
Cost of infrastructure per connection
Cost of equipment per connection
Number of Homes in Project
Penetration (in %)
Interest Rate
Depreciation of Network (in years)
Depreciation of Equipment (in years)
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€ p/m net margin per Home
€ p/m net margin for the project