Dark Fiber
Europe knows more than 150 providers of dark fiber (i.e. fiber optic cable for which the service provider has not provided modulating electronics). Some with a very local footprint, some with a nation or Europe wide footprint and some deliver world-wide services. In order to get the best value for your money, we advise you to request pricing from several players, including some of the utility companies and other local providers, that often have good deals, before you invest in dark fiber for each part or leg of your network.

Peering is the exchange of traffic between ISPs. In order to settle the terms to which this exchange takes place ISPs use peering agreements which often do not include an exchange of money. This helps to reduce the costs of IP Traffic in a significant way. One of the largest costs facing any ISP nowadays are the upstream capacity costs of connections.  Peering arrangements at an exchange reduce the need to send IP traffic through a bandwidth upstream provider. One single connection to an exchange point may reduce the need for multiple connections. We can take care of making peering arrangements for you with any major ISP on one of the European Internet Exchanges.

The end-to-end flexibility and cost-effectiveness of IP provide an ideal platform for advanced integrated services. As a competitive provider of internet services, you need high-performance IP connectivity to guarantee your customers instant access and quality of service. In a transient marketplace, you must also be able to respond quickly to sudden market moves and escalated customer expectations. IP-Transit is ideal for the service provider, operator or carrier that already owns and manages its own IP addresses and AS number. Available bandwidths range from 64 Kbit/s to 155 Mbit/s (up to 2.5 Gbit/s on request). Connection is made via any of your Points of Presence directly to the IP backbone of the Carrier of your choice.

Last Mile
There is an incredible modernization task facing the telecommunications industry to digitalize the local loop so that high speed end-to-end networks perform efficently. The new public network  requires an updated broadband infrastructure that has very high capacities, offers multichannel service and can accommodate voice, data and video streams. In Europe today there are more than 400 service providers offering local loop services. Various technologies like xDSL, Wireless, Ethernet, Fiber and copper are offered in many flavours. We make sure you are connected to the provider that best meets your needs.

Internet Exchanges
The Internet is a worldwide network of networks. These different types of networks are connected together using the Internet protocol (IP).  An Internet Exchange is a place where Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can interconnect these independent networks and exchange Internet traffic with each other. This exchanging of national and/or international IP  traffic on an Internet Exchange is generally known as ’peering’. We connect you to any European Internet Exchange.

Call Origination allows traffic to originate on a carrier's network and terminate to your network.
Call Termination allows traffic to originate on your network from anywhere in your footprint and terminate on a carrier's network. Dedicated access locations are connected to your nearest POP. We negociate best price/performance for you to or from virtually any location for any number of minutes on traditional or over IP networks.

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