Your Telecom Project Partner in the Heart of Europe
For many years now, Bandwidth Partner has been serving International Telecom Operators in European Business development. We deliver both Interim Management and Project Management services in the Telecommunications Industry. We are involved in several
broadband and telecommunications projects and we know these markets inside out. Therefore we can give you invaluable support in deploying your international strategy and you can realize important savings in the European markets.

Fiber to the Home and Fiber to the Business (FttH / FttB)
For several years now we are also successfull in the fiber broadband market. Preparing the business case, tendering and acquisition of fiber, support and project management, development and marketing of services on these networks and contracting service providers for triple-play services are some of our core competences. Please take a look at our new FttH calculator. If you want to know more about how to improve revenues from your network, please send us an e-mail at:

Independant of Operators and Network Owners
As a carrier and facilities independant organization, we can give you strategic advice, serve your local or international bandwidth and dark fiber needs, we can do procurement services, we can arrange monitoring and management of all your local network and equipment, we can connect and serve your customers in any given location. We can make peering agreements for you, connect you to the AMS-IX or any other European Internet Exchange and perform any other service for which you would normally need local presence, or for which you would have to send someone over. We will be your remote hands and you can fully depend on us. This gives you all the benefits without the cost.

Best Result Guaranteed
As a neutral project organisation, we are independant of network and service providers and can therefore always provide you with the very best performance/price available, and according to your standards. We could even provide you with your own regional director or sales representative. Once your needs grow, we can support you in hiring staff and establishing your permanent office. We guarantee, you always get best value for your money!

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